coach 17U


Dominik walsh is an accomplished coahcedHe holds a bachelor's degree in sports intervention from Université Laval, an education that has given him a deep understanding of effective training methods and best practices for maximizing athlete performance. He became involved with the Quebec City Cannoneers' sport-études in 2003, and since then has been a key member of the team as coach and coaching coordinator. He is also known for his role as general manager and head coach of the Quebec Diamonds from 2014 to 2020. Under his leadership, the Diamants won two Canadian championships and reached six finals, with four playoff championships and three regular-season championships. This summer, Dominik will be an assistant coach with ABC 17U and will be in charge of talent scouting, marking his third summer with the organization. With his experience and passion for the sport, he is a valuable addition to the ABC coaching team, and is ready to help young athletes reach their full potential.